Monday, November 2, 2009

Net neutrality regulated by FCC? Why?

Today's article in the journal was right on the money in pointing out that the FCC need not play "net neutrality" by imposing its power over the Web. The market, as we all know will play itself out and will reward the most fair option. Competing, even if the technology is ahead of the market, in a free market, is a healthy way to weed out unfair monopolies. The analogy of the FCC playing the role of the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission - which set rail rules and tariffs to slow innovation in transportation) bringing bureaucracy into an otherwise healthy free market place, makes this sound more like the "net bias" act.

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  1. The demand for Web-access and information is too in-elastic and is bound to become ubiquitous much like the telephone. Government and AT&T played along through the long monopoly cycle of AT&T Hopefully, FCC will allow competition to play itself out with the web-access providers, information and content providers, content consumers and other stake-holders.