Monday, July 20, 2009

Learning to survive the economic disaster...

Yes, it helps to start early and start at the very beginning of each story - the players and the stakeholders in each scene, to really understand the current economic disaster.

The economic climate is changing and new models are being applied. How will all this play out? Well... no one knows! But, reading about it is like ammunition you absolutely need to survive in these times.
The Housing Boom and Bust by Thomas Sowell is a very easy read. It provides clarity in terms of how things work - both the basics and the politics of it. The author leads you to understand the mistakes made in the past. I found it very resourceful to have a structure within which I could then fit all the current news and daily headlines.
In a world of search engines and social media it is easy to get clouded by and follow the popular post! A clear understanding of the problem and the framework within which it operates, helps ask the right questions, before you agree or dis-agree with today's popular housing trend headlines.
That said, I think housing is yet to see bottom!

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