Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New generation of social media sites value privacy...

Historically, anonymity and promiscuity have been directly proportional. Today, here to stay, is a new rash of online support sites which work as support groups for people around the world. However, these sites are private, unlike the public social-media-style sites. CommunityofVeterans.org quoted in WSJ is a private peer support-group site - one of many next generation online support group sites. These sites are modeled after social media sites like Facebook and MySpace. The idea is to provide a familiar user experience to visitors and registered members. The concept mainly resonates with the social media generation and is catching on really fast, apparently.

Those of us who are not friends with our shrink or choose to see a shrink in another town, understand why anonymity is important to get therapy - mainly helps patients be candid and share their hidden fears and feelings.

Now, how could a site like bedpost.com help its users by being private? The website enables users to log their sex-life information and share it with their partners alone. Users maintain a log and reflect on what the graph looks like. This is bizarre!

Wouldn't it help more to know how many others share your pattern? What their profiles look like? Also, maybe, know how many vote that they like/dislike your taste?

Check out PlentyOfFish.com. It is a free dating site and has 15,000 happy registered users. It is listed as the most remunerative (bringing about $10,000 from Adsense per day) site. What's more, it has only the site's owner managing it! It is open to the world.

Today, "creativity and content" on websites bring traffic, users and lots of money. Anonymity is out-dated my friends!

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