Monday, November 30, 2009

More whistle-blowing!

This sure has been the week of whistle-blowers. The Bin Laden story, the Mumbai terrorist attack story and now the emails from East Anglia.

The last story, is truely dissappointing and nasty coming from UN's Intergovernal panel on climate change.

Tax dollars are being allocated to this research and the least that the research community owes is to report their findings without getting caught in the political clap-trap.
Sad but true, the global warming campaign is yet another "elite-only" one.  Basically, one that cannot even be on the radar of the world's poor. They cannot afford it or care about it! But they are forced to think about it, because someone has a theory about it? Today's article by Bjorn Lomborg, talked about the conflicting theories around the melting glaciers in the Himalyas and reality around the poor living conditions in Nepal. Can we spend some cycles solving real problems first pleasey?
It would help to stop wasting all our think-cycles talking about global warming and focus on some of the real issues, especially when there is no convincing evidence that global warming is real in the first place.

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