Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Digital diagnoses might save us!

More patients are visiting their physicians online because more insurers have begun paying for digital diagnoses. (BTW, this means that your doc will text you your diagnoses or you can have a live chat/video session).

The article from Wall Street Journal this morning lists people's experiences (for both mild conditions like sinus infections and chronic conditions like diabetes) indicating the huge convenience and time saving aspect of this format. There are forms and rules to ensure that the interaction is mostly secure and reliable.

Online visits cost far less. Patients pay $20 - $30 per visit or session when un-insured. Typically, insurance pays upwards of $100 per physical visit. Neither covers the cost of medication. Since health insurance providers are for-profit organizations and certainly maintain their lofty margins, people will be better off opting out of health insurance.

So, when the demand for health insurance goes down I guess it will get cheaper and affordable. At least that is how it should work.

I like the cost structure of this format because it has the momentum to drive this model for both affordable care and medication.... certainly better than the government paying for un-insured health care and taxing me more!

Besides this is another case where technology solves the problem better... a more sustainable solution ... The Innovators Prescription!

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